ASP.NET MVC arrived

ASP.NET MVC arrived

As you alreay read or heard Microsoft released the ASP.Net MVC 1.0. From my perspective it is a step in the right direction.

MVC is not just a pattern, it is about software quality and professional software development: In my eyes a professional software developer is concerned that there exists a seperation of concern in his program code and he wants to deliver the best possible software to the customer what he can create.
Both concerns are reachable with the MVC framework. To ensure the quality, do unit testing (one of the first things when you create a new MVC project in VisualStudio is to decide if you want to create a test project – do not press the cancel button!), to ensure the seperation of concern principle, follow the rules of the framework.

Here serveral interesting links:
Sample chapter, a hands on labs
Sample application
– More sample applications
More about MVC

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