Favoured podcasts

Favoured podcasts

I migrated my desktop PC to Windows 7 Professional. I didn’t choose the upgrade path, I install Windows 7 from scratch. So, after installing iTunes I had to register my favoured podcasts again:



Currently I work in a .Net environment, so the list of .Net podcasts is a bit longer. If you are interested in more Java podcasts, there is a question about that topic on Stackoverflow. The following three podcasts are definitely interesting:

Do you have other interesting podcasts?

2 thoughts on “Favoured podcasts

  1. Mondays 😉

    Chariot Techcast
    Google Developer Podcast
    Alt.Net Podcast
    Thoughtworks IT matters
    Grails Podcast
    Pragmatic Podcast
    Agile Toolkit Podcast

  2. @Jonas
    Thanks Jonas. I forgot the Alt.Net podcast and the Thoughtworks podcast. The others are new (except Mondays and Grails Podcast) for me.

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