WordPress and SyntaxHighlighter

WordPress and SyntaxHighlighter

I often post code in my blog posts, so the SyntaxHighlighter by is very useful. But there are several plug-ins for WordPress, the question is which one is the most comfortable and has the most configuration options:

Offline blogging tool support

When I post technical blog posts with code in it, then I prefer the way over an offline blogging tool. Currently I use for this use case Windows Live Writer, also because it is free. But when you use a such tool, you should have good support for writing code and support for the SyntaxHighlighter. For Windows Live Writer there exists several plug-ins for the SyntaxHighlighter:

Unfortunately some of those plug-ins aren’t very well tested, but to add code to a blog posts they do their job.


After testing the several plug-ins for WordPress and Windows Live Writer, I prefer currently the following plug-ins:

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