Are 100% code coverage reasonable?

Are 100% code coverage reasonable?

When you use a code coverage tool one of the first question is what is a good code coverage. Recently I listened to different podcasts (stackoverflow, scott hanselman) where they discuss this topic. I wasn’t really surprised that there wasn’t one unique opinion.
One opinion was that 100% is a good number, an other opinion was that for non-failing code it doesn’t make sense to build a test, so 100% isn’t a good number for most of the projects.
The last opinion sounds not that bad, but for which code it doesn’t make sense to build unit tests?
Here is a (not complete) list of code elements for which I wouldn’t build a unit-test:

  • Properties (.Net)
  • Getters (Java)
  • Setters (Java)
  • Primitive Constructors (no chaining, no big logic in it)
  • Services (which just delegate to the business logic)
  • GUI (Views)
  • Data Access (do not test a framework)
  • Services of another component or another application (do not test a library or another application)
  • Any Generated Code (do not test a tool, in this case a code generator)

Is there a code element or type which I forget?

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