My personal wrap-up of the NDC 2012

My personal wrap-up of the NDC 2012

I was at the Norwegian Developer Conference (NDC) 2012 in Oslo. It is one of the best conferences I know in Europe. One reason is, that a lot of alpha-geeks are speaking there.

There were during three days 8 parallels tracks, so you have to manage your program. My program looked like this:

Wednesday, 6.6.2012

Keynote, Aral Balkan

Decisions, Decisions, Dan North

Professional Software Development, Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Agile Estimating, Mike Cohn

Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus Studio, Udi Dahan

Fakes, Isolation Unit Tests, Jonathan “Peli” de Halleux

Social Clairvoyance, Gary Short

Thursday, 7.6.2012

The process, technology and practice of Continuous Delivery, Dave Farley

Busting the BDD myths, Gojko Adzic

Reinventing Softare Quality, Gojko Adzic

Moving from Scrum to Kanban, Rachel Davies

The surprising science behind agile leadership, Jonathan Rasmusson

Dealing with Dynamically-Typed Legacy Code, Micheal Feathers

Deep Design Lessons, Micheal Feathers

Friday, 8.6.2012

Developers: The Prima Donnas of the 21st Century, Hadi Hariri

RabbitMQ Hands On, Alvaro Videla

NDC Cage Match: NodeJS vs. ASP.NET, Rob Conery, Damian Edwards, Jon Galloway

Clojure for the Web, Bodil Stokke

Responsive Web Design, Bruce Lawson

Caring about Code Quality, Venkat Subramaniam


One highlight was the speaker Gojko Adzic. I knew him already, because I read his blog. But I didn’t know how entertaining he could be without loose a bit of useful information. I liked also his sarcasm. Another highlight was the rant of Hadi Hariri about not getting things done. But one of the biggest highlights was the keynote by Aral Balkan. It was a fresh clear and motivating keynote, just great.


There were a lot of talks about software quality, which was nice to see. This is a topic which is also very important for myself. But there weren’t that much new fresh talks about the topic itself. The only exception here was the second talk of Gojko.

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