Certified Professional Scrum Master I

Certified Professional Scrum Master I

PSM Front Logo 2I did it again. First I did the scrum master course with the great teacher Ralph Jocham (@rjocham, effective agile).

Then I passed the assessment after exercise the open assessment several times. I read also the Scrum guide twice.

After that I took the assessment and passed it. So now I’m a certified Professional Scrum Master I by Scrum.org.


One thing is really important for modern software development is collaboration. Without you have a bunch of single fighters and you loose to much potential. So social skills is nowadays essential for a modern software engineer. Ralph showed us a really interesting video about collaboration:


Another point in software engineering is motivation. Without it you risk to loose the contact with the newest technologies and techniques. There is also a very interesting video on TED about this topic:


Ralph posted a blog post about the course with some pictures here.

3 thoughts on “Certified Professional Scrum Master I

  1. Congratulations on your achievement. I’m also preparing for this certification, but through self study. Will you be able to advise on which resources/materials should I refer here?
    What do you suggest?


  2. @Ashu
    Hi Ashu

    To pass the exam of the Professional Scrum I of scrum.org I suggest you to study the scrum guide (there is a new version since July) several times. Do also the open assessment at least 10 times. After these steps it should be easy to pass the exam.

    Hope it helps.


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